I fed my soul today.

This past year, most mornings found me at my computer, working on various writing projects. I am an early riser by nature. I enjoy my coffee and a leisurely time of prayer and reading my Bible in the still hours before daybreak. (Night owls and moms of young children: don’t hate or judge me!) After breakfast and a shower, I make my way upstairs to the computer and tackle the writing assignment of the day.

In the past 16-months I wrote a retreat workshop, as well as presentations for various groups. I labored over a book proposal (which my agent is currently sending out to publishers for consideration). I posted numerous blogs on my website, and wrote guest blogs for other sites. An article I wrote last summer (“Not the Life I Signed Up For”) was just published in the May/June issue of Today’s Christian Woman’s online digizine. I posted a boat-load of Facebook Status Updates, and just last week I composed my very first Tweets!

All that is to say: I’ve been focused. A woman on a mission. There are new presentations to prepare for, and other blogs to write; however, when I sat down at my keyboard this morning, I felt restless.

I felt the call of the wild.

I gave myself permission to step away from my computer to take time to feed my soul. A morning fog burned off to make way for a day of blue skies and sunshine…the perfect day to play hooky!

We got the bulk of this year’s snowfall of 223.5-inches in what should have been spring months. Kids had snow days when they normally would have had outdoor track practice. Our local university, Michigan Tech, had to cancel its outdoor Spring Fling due to a blizzard on April 19!

Spring finally arrived last weekend. With temperatures near seventy-degrees, our 4-foot base of snow made a hasty retreat. Waterfalls are spilling torrents of run-off, and rivers are now rapids.

In my little hometown of Gay, MI in the Upper Peninsula, the Tobacco River runs wild this time of year. I made the 25-mile drive to the bridge over the mouth of the Tobacco. I was awed, feeling the hydro-power that flowed beneath. The roar was deafening.

 I drove a mile upstream where the river has reached flood stage; its water lapped the asphalt’s edge. I shouted, “Welcome back!” to a pair of Sandhill Cranes that flew overhead.  From just 5-feet away, I stood and watched a muskrat feed on new grass shoots along the riverbank. I listened to ducks call to one another in the swollen swamp across the road. An eagle soared farther out over the water. Assorted songbirds chattered back and forth. The fragrant smell of spring was in the air. I inhaled deeply.

These things feed my soul.

I felt renewed in spirit as I drove home, ready to get on with the responsibilities of the day. I dropped my car off for an oil change, and met a friend for a 2-mile walk outdoors. Sunshine, exercise, and good conversation were the cherry on the ice cream sundae of this beautiful day.

And now I sit at my computer, reflecting on this serendipitous day. I am a disciplined person; I can crank out the words when needed. But I am grateful that I know when I need a few hours to feed my soul.

Tonight I will go to sleep with a smile on my face. I am renewed.

Today’s Challenge: What feeds your soul? When was the last time you played hooky -even for an hour – and indulged in something that renews your spirit? If it’s been too long, make a plan to do it soon!


  1. Deana
    May 1, 2013

    There is nothing like the outdoors on a beautiful day to refresh the Spirit. Kathy, when I cannot leave home and feel like I am going to come unglued, I find that an hour on Facebook reading your posts and seeing what you share, in cute animal photos, amazing photos with scripture, and, of course your Holy Ground All Around messages helps me to realize that God works in ALL things. I have been blessed to call you friend for, well, for forever, and privileged to be a part of what God is doing in your life.
    Thank you for all the amazing things you have shared, especially for the ones that lift this soul up in times of much needed refreshment.

  2. Karla
    May 1, 2013

    Rejoicing with you in all of God’s blessings! Thank you for sharing encouraging words and a reminder to take time for renewing!

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