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Seasons come…and seasons go. In a few days we will mark the passing of summer and move into autumn. A part of me wants to cry, “No-o-o-o!” I grieve each year when it’s time to hang up my swimsuit. Although the forecast is for rain and temps in the 50’s and 60’s this week, I’m in denial, holding on to the hope of one last dip in Lake Superior. My summer company is gone. The dead stocks in my flower garden tell me it’s time to let go of the season. The geese have sealed the deal – they are slipping out of town in the early morning hours, aiming...

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Sometimes a backward glance can give us the perspective and courage we need to go forward. It isn’t healthy to dwell on the past, but sometimes a quick look in the rear-view mirror of your life can be helpful. Let’s face it. There are more than a few sharp curves and u-turns in our journey, not to mention bumps in the road and pot holes big enough to swallow us alive. There are “construction zones” and detours where God is at work in us, and our progress seems painfully slow. When you are traveling a rough patch of road in life that calls for...

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Class hadn’t even begun when everyone passed the “final exam.” It was the first day of teaching a new series in Sunday School, using Philip Yancy’s book, What’s So Amazing About Grace? My plan was to begin class by showing a video clip of a powerful story told by Jim Cymbala, pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Church:   A homeless alcoholic named David used to sleep in his own urine on the steps of the church. One Easter Sunday he wandered inside, reeking of alcohol, urine and the streets. After the message, David approached Pastor Cymbala....

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Got expectations? How’s your serenity? According to the Big Book* of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), our serenity (sense of wellness, peace of mind) is “inversely proportional” to our expectations. Therefore, when we anticipate a particular outcome with a person or situation, our serenity is low – especially when they are not cooperating with our plans! When we leave outcomes in God’s hands, our serenity level is high. AA made the prayer of Reinhold Niebuhr famous: God, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage...

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It’s June – traditionally the month for weddings. My wedding was anything but traditional. The pastor that married Jon and me said it was the first Hippie wedding he had ever performed. My wedding dress was a mini. Jon skipped the tuxedo scene and rented a Civil War suit from a costume shop. While our relatives sported more traditional wedding attire, our friends came in assorted blue jeans, t-shirts, mini-skirts and purple suede fringe. Some even wore shoes. Our wedding gifts would not be found on any bridal registries that I know of....

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I learned some of life’s most important lessons from my “other” mother. Actually, Zenia was my mother-in-law. The notorious mother-in-law jokes would have never got off the ground if they were about her. As a matter of fact, if I could have a do-over and pick a mother-in-law of my choosing, I’d pick her.  I was blessed to be loved and cherished by my late husband Jon. I was doubly blessed to be loved and accepted by his parents, Art and Zenia. Knowing how some mother-in-laws can be critical, I felt fortunate that my mother-in-law thought I...

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I fed my soul today. This past year, most mornings found me at my computer, working on various writing projects. I am an early riser by nature. I enjoy my coffee and a leisurely time of prayer and reading my Bible in the still hours before daybreak. (Night owls and moms of young children: don’t hate or judge me!) After breakfast and a shower, I make my way upstairs to the computer and tackle the writing assignment of the day. In the past 16-months I wrote a retreat workshop, as well as presentations for various groups. I labored over a book...

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