Kathy is known for her warmth, openness, sense of humor, and the ability to connect with audiences of all ages. Her messages are inspirational, motivational, practical and hope-filled. She has spoken to thousands of women at retreats, as well as church and community events throughout Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin,  Minnesota and Colorado for over 40 years.

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Kathy is willing to custom design a presentation for you. Contact Kathy to discuss your group’s needs.

Church & Retreat

Kathy would love to share at your church’s retreat, Women’s Ministry Event, MOPS group, or any other speaking opportunities you may have. Her messages combine sound biblical principles and compelling story-telling with splashes of humor thrown in for good measure.

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  • God in Our Midst: Holy Ground All Around – We long for evidence of God’s presence, yet in our busyness, we trample holy ground daily. We race past the “burning bushes” God ignites in our path. We miss His message of hope: “I will be with you.” Learn simple spiritual disciplines, related to God’s Word, that will open your eyes to God’s presence and work in your life – the extraordinary in the ordinary. This is  a 3-part series designed for a retreat or mini-retreat experience.
  • Peace and Power Through Praise – Life’s struggles can leave us feeling powerless and defeated. Discover how to be empowered and know peace through praising God in the midst of your circumstances.
  • Strangely Wrapped Gifts – Our most treasured gifts of God’s grace come strangely wrapped in our most painful experiences. Learn how to recognize the Giver and gifts of grace, receive the gifts with thanksgiving, and re-gift grace and comfort to others in need.
  • Finding Freedom in Forgiveness – Harboring resentments is not a victimless “crime” – it hurts you! Discover practical steps that will help you let go of resentments. Experience the freedom that comes with surrendering your hurts to God.
  • Deep Calls to Deep – The cry of God’s heart is “Come.” He calls us to come for salvation, come closer to Him, come back to Him and to come away with Him for times of rest. Respond to God’s call to you.
  • His Amazing Grace: Kathy’s Dramatic Salvation Testimony – A message of hope for those who have lost hope for themselves or loved ones. After years of alcohol- and drug-addiction, an unplanned teen pregnancy, a flirtation with the occult, and a heart scarred by unhealthy relationships, Kathy trusted Christ as her Savior in 1972. The result was a dramatic and extreme makeover – inside and out!
  • Staying Firmly Anchored in the Storms of Life – When – not if – life’s storms hit, will you be ready?  A “perfect storm” hit Kathy’s family when her husband was diagnosed with leukemia. Jon died two years later, leaving Kathy to single-parent their young teenage daughters. She shares how to prepare for life’s storms, know peace in the midst of the storm, and how to press on after the storm.
  • Living in Light of God’s Favor – As believers in Christ, we are objects of God’s favor. Find rest and hope in God’s sovereign goodness. Learn from the examples of Old Testament saints, i.e., Enoch, Noah, Abraham and Esther – God is with us and for us!
  • Why Me? Why This? Why Now? -When the unexpected happens, we find ourselves asking, “Why me? Why this? Why now?” Using the story of Joseph, as well as personal examples, Kathy shows how to reconcile the sovereign goodness of God with the painful trials we face. Life is unfair, but God is always good, and He is at work in and through our circumstances.
  • Overcoming Worry in a Worrisome World – A fair and balanced look at a topic most of us are all too familiar with – worry: First, why we should worry. Secondly, why we should not worry. Finally, Kathy gives practical solutions on how to overcome worry in our worrisome world.
  • Kathy is willing to custom design a presentation for you. CONTACT KATHY to discuss your group’s needs.

What They Are Saying About Kathy’s Retreat and Church Presentations:

“We were blessed to have Kathy as our keynote speaker. Her powerful testimony honored the Lord and spoke to all in attendance. Her message, “Deep Calls to Deep” challenged us to walk closely to the Lord in everything we do. Many women made commitments to the Lord.” ~Grace Washburn, Pastor’s wife, Bruce Crossing Bible Church, Bruce Crossing, MI.

“I highly recommend Kathy Ptaszek as a speaker. She is deeply spiritual and yet extremely practical in her message. She encourages women and challenges them to a total commitment to God.”  ~ Lois Stout Malinowski, Gitche Gumee Women’s Retreat Director, Dollar Bay, MI

“Kathy Ptaszek has God-given talent for speaking. Her openness and honesty shine through her work.”  ~Norma Nominelli, Christian Women’s Brunch Board Member, Hancock, MI

The evidence of how God has worked in your life is such an inspiration – it gives us hope that he can/will do the same for each of us if only we will give him the opportunity.”  ~ Linda, Women’s Ministry Event attendee

Thank you for your ministry – I know many were touched and deeply affected by your words. I purchased journals and pens for the women in my MOPS group and encouraged them to record their ‘God moments’ so they could be reminded of his working in their lives.”  ~Kyra, Retreat attendee


  • Berean Women’s Retreat, Rochester, MN
  • Bethany Baptist Church, Dollar Bay, MI
  • Bible Baptist Church, Ishpeming, MI
  • Bruce Crossing Bible Church, Bruce Crossing, MI
  • Campus Crusade For Christ, Michigan Technological University
  • Cedar Creek Church, MOMentum, Perrysberg, OH
  • Christian Women’s Brunch, Hancock, MI
  • Christian Women’s Lunch, Dearborn, MI
  • Cornerstone University Chapel, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Faith Reformed Church, Traverse City, MI
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Michigan Technological University
  • First United Methodist Church, Hancock, MI
  • Friends and Faith Women’s Retreat, Minneapolis, MN
  • Gitche Gumee Women’s Retreat, Eagle River, MI
  • Grace United Methodist Church, Houghton, MI
  • InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Michigan Technological University
  • Land O’Lakes Bible Church, Land O’Lakes, WI
  • L’anse Baptist Church, L’anse, MI
  • Lake Superior Christian Church, Marquette, MI
  • MOMentum, Cedar Creek Church, Perrysburg, OH
  • MOPS, Hancock, MI
  • Redeemer Free Lutheran Church, Ontonagon, MI
  • Southside Alliance Church, Sheboygan, WI
  • St. Peter & Paul Lutheran Church, Houghton, MI
  • Trinity Episcopal Church, Houghton, MI
  • Twin Peaks Bible Camp, Grand Junction, CO
  • Warrendale Community Church, Dearborn, MI
  • Zion Lutheran Church, Hancock, MI

General Audience

Kathy would love to present at your community event. Her presentations are motivational and engaging, sprinkled with humor and filled with practical applications. Kathy challenges her audiences to take charge of creating the life and happiness they dream of.


  • Adoption: A Lifelong, Life-giving Choice (includes Kathy’s story of being a birth mom)
  • Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude
  • Grief: Getting on With Life After Life Has Fallen Apart
  • Keys to Successful Aging From A-to-Z
  • Friendship: The Tie That Binds
  • Conquering Stress – Coping With Life’s Changes and Challenges
  • Wellness: Not a Buzz-Word – It’s a Lifestyle
  • Kathy is willing to custom design a presentation for you. CONTACT KATHY to discuss your group’s needs.


  • Adoption Resource Group, Hancock, MI
  • Community Coalition for Grief & Bereavement Luncheon, Hancock, MI
  • Houghton Elementary School – Parent’s Night, Houghton, MI
  • Life Outreach Center, Houghton, MI
  • Retired Senior Volunteers Program (RSVP), Hancock, MI
  • Stanton Township Senior Citizens, Houghton, MI

What They Are Saying About Kathy’s Community Event Presentations:

“Kathy brought our group to life – everyone enjoyed what she had to offer. She helped us think of how we view and live our lives, and how we can change our attitudes. She showed us that we can age successfully.”  ~ Betty Ruohonen, Stanton Township Seniors, Houghton, MI

“Kathy captivates her audience with a delightful mix of humor and life experience that is both entertaining and informative.”  ~Barbara Maronen, MSW, Retired Seniors Volunteer Program (RSVP), Hancock, MI

“I highly recommend Kathy as a speaker. She speaks from her heart and wins over her audiences with her warmth. Any grieving person will find encouragement and hope after hearing her presentation.”  ~Barbara Kendall, RN, MSN, Community Coalition for Grief & Bereavement, Hancock, MI